The Hirschi Family

The Hirschi Family
Andrew, Rachel, Jake, Gracie.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I saw this video on today and I was in awe of the aesthetic portrayal of a mother. I have followed Stephanie's blog and I care for this woman, a woman whom I have never met. I think her message is so simple and sweet. We are so lucky to be mothers and everyday is beautiful!
I share this feeling of love and I feel so lucky to be a mother. My children are so dear to me and I am writing this post for them in the future, when they are parents. As I struggled to bring my babies into this world I never thought of anything but my children. Their spirits were so present the moment I knew I was pregnant. I immediately felt a love that I had never felt before; a sense of caring and protection, nothing mattered to me except their existance, even despite the fact that my deteriating body was literally giving them everything I had to bring them into the world. I would do it all again! They are worth every sacrifice and hardship. I sometimes forget how much I gave, forget the experience and forget their worth and true cost. Andrew will remind me by touching my scars and say (matter of factly) that is from me and this is from Gracie. I don't even choose to recall that time because somedays it is too painful to know that we won't be able to have any more babies that way. However, I look at my smiling little ones and feel truly grateful! I think Stephanie's story is a constant reminder that a mother-child relationship is precious and most rare. It is so intimate and there is nothing like this bond. In a way she is unique because here trials will always be there as a reminder of this, and it is another reminder for me of what I have. Put simply, it is important for us to do the same. Time goes so fast, make each moment count and savor the day to day. I love you Andrew! I love you Gracie! You make my life so rich! Thank you a hundred times every day.

Happy Mother's Day, you wonderful moms!

I love you mom.

Click on the link below and open to full screen to see the video that started this thought...
My New Life

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Emily said...

I ♥ Stephanie! This video was awesome. You got me into reading her blog and now I read it all of the time. I think we should drive up to Provo and go up to her house and introduce ourselves. I guarantee she would love us as much as we love her. :)