The Hirschi Family

The Hirschi Family
Andrew, Rachel, Jake, Gracie.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring is Here?!?

California Beach Flower

I don't know if I dare say it....but I hope and pray that spring is here to stay. (Yes I am a poet) I love the stinking fresh air. We have been outside everyday this week and man I cannot believe what a difference it makes. I am the kind of person that goes with the flow. So I didn't realize how much the weather was disappointing me and making me apathetic. Now I wake up happier and with more energy and I make the time to be with my kids and dog playing outside. My house cleaning and business seem to take a back burner and because of that I feel more balance and less guilty about juggling time with my kids. Anyways I wanted to wish you all a happy Spring Break and Easter and we love you. Maybe we will see you soon...outside.

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dlkenney said...

I am also ready for spring and the warm weather. Life just seems to flow better when you aren't trapped indoors.