The Hirschi Family

The Hirschi Family
Andrew, Rachel, Jake, Gracie.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Fishing....I forgot how fun it is. Last week we went on a camping trip with Joan and Lamar to Bridger Lake. It was gorgeous and pretty relaxing. We started off with a bang Grandpa taught Andrew how to ride a bike with out training wheels. It is amazing how fast he got it, I was in the trailer and I heard Lamar say "let get those off" and then less than five minutes Andrew yelled "Mommy come see this." Now he rides like a pro.

But lets be honest this trip was all about fishing. You could see how excited Andrew and Grandpa were to get started. Andrew shadowed Grandpa every move. They caught 5 the first day and only one "didn't make it" and it really bothered Andrew so Grandpa fixed it by throwing it away for a little raccoon family with babies. This seemed to calm Andrew's worries. He tried this approach the next day when Gracie's first one "didn't make it." He said it went back to his mommy and threw it over his shoulder. It hit a tree and every branch on its way down. Joan then suggested that he should take it home to her parents and so he started searching for it, which it was hidden pretty good. He brought it back to the kids and started to gut it in front of them (their faces were stunned) and then the kids began to question where this fish came from and whose it was and you could see them putting it all together and that was when Grandpa got caught in his lie. He should have known my kids are too smart. It was so funny, it felt like watching an episode of I Love Lucy, as Grandpa kept trying to fix his story but each time he tried to take care of something it just kept working out opposite of what he had hoped.

Gracie and Andrew had such different fishing styles: Andrew was serious and quiet. Gracie was so girly and squealy. In fact the girls were all about the relaxing, reading and playing barbies, until I got hooked, when I help reel one in. Then it was all about the fishing and I cannot wait to fish again. By the end of the trip we had caught 14 fish (Andrew 10, Mommy 2 and Gracie 2).

Gracie and I were enjoying the animals we saw baby ducks, butterflies, chipmunks, and a bald eagle. That was fascinating. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa we had the best time.

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Dana Bishop said...

Those are some great photos. I love the one of Andrew and Gracie on the fence.