The Hirschi Family

The Hirschi Family
Andrew, Rachel, Jake, Gracie.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chinese Valentine's Day

Happy Chinese Valentine's Day
Our Daddy came home from work and surprised his girls with these gorgeous flowers.  Gracie happened to be sitting at the kitchen (unaware of his homecoming) when Jake put the flowers right in front of her and she scream/exclaimed OHHH MYYY GOOODNESSS!  It was classic.  
We love our man.  He is so incredible and thoughtful.  We are lucky girls.  I will have to stop gushing because he hates this kind of thing, however I could go on.  Anyways, ladies try not to be to hard on your men for forgetting Chinese Valentine's Day. Have a good one.
Gracie loves to pose for pictures.  This is all her.


Amanda said...

Freaking Nate!

The Harwood Family said...

Rachel those pictures of Gracie are adorable! You need to get that girl modeling or something!